Since 2022 we are able to create A Virtual Tour of your booth, event or even your business premises. In this way, we can offer all those interested parties the opportunity to invite you digitally and immersively, without having to be physically on site.

We take care of all the necessary steps for you. From the creation of the necessary image material with a special 360° camera, to the adaptation and optimization of the images afterwards by a professional photographer, to the creation of the tour according to your wishes and specifications, to the hosting of the data.

Thereby you have the maximum freedom in the design of the tour. You can set your own highlights, provide detailed information on products, or integrate content such as additional photos and videos. Your imagination knows virtually no bounds.

In addition, the tour can be ideally combined with our platform for digital customer consulting BARKER. From the VR tour, the appropriate contact persons can be called with live video. Without creating an account or installing additional software.

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Digitization at the agency
Extended range for rent

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Extended range for rent

Digitization at the agency

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