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we love the perfect appearance

conception and realization of promotion campaigns and roadshows

we like to be on the road

planning and realization of trade fair appearances

trade fairs are the biggest thing for us

planning and realization of incentives and events

we appreciate a good party ourselves

Strategic marketing consulting

we love it when a plan works


Person-to-person contact is still the most intense experience!

The complex processes at an event require special skills from the staff employed. In order for everything to run smoothly, a well-founded selection and a detailed briefing of the staff is required.  Because there is no second chance for the first impression. For this reason, personal qualification of all employees we offer is particularly important to us. In order to be able to meet the high expectations, we have developed a special process to work out the personal strengths and weaknesses of each individual in order to be able to make the ideal selection for you and your individual requirements.

To be able to offer flexibility in terms of operational implementation, we have the possibility to handle projects within the framework of employee leasing or a service contract. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on the respective advantages and disadvantages and what is the best solution for you and your project.

Hostesses and hosts

You are an exhibitor at a trade fair or organize a congress and need additional staff?

Hostesses and hosts

You are an exhibitor at a trade fair and need external staff for the processes at your stand? We are happy to support you with our pool of proven and experienced employees.

From accreditation and welcoming, to checkroom and wayfinding functions, to exhibit support. Our hostesses and hosts are versatile, flexible, perceptive and always motivated to welcome your guests with a smile and to say goodbye again.

Event staff

Our staff will take care of all tasks for you, from greeting, accreditation and checkroom on arrival to service tasks and handing out presents at the farewell.

Event staff

Our staff will take care of all tasks for you, from the arrival of the guests to the farewell after your event.

For example, we take care of accreditation, luggage and checkroom service, route guidance, parking instructions, guest questioning, runners / helping hands and much more. Contact us, we are guaranteed to find your tailor-made solution.

Sales / Promoter

Whether you are planning an information campaign or a sales promotion. Proactively addressing your target group is the most important success factor.

Sales / Promoter

Are you planning a roadshow or other activities to increase awareness or sales for your brand or product? Please contact us.

We provide nationwide experienced promoters who fit exactly to your product and transfer their enthusiasm to the visitors of your event and above all anchor it sustainably.

Expert / Explainer

Do you want to highlight the advantages of your product or service in a targeted manner by giving expert advice? Also for this case we have the suitable employees for you.

Expert / Explainer

Your product or service requires more in-depth knowledge or is so new that it needs an explanation? In this case, too, we have the right people for you.

Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in the premium and luxury segment, we have an extraordinarily good sense of what information is still missing for the prospective customer to make a purchase decision. Our experienced Explainers use this fine feeling for customers to make your service or product easily understandable to customers and prospects and thus contribute to a successful conclusion.

Walking Acts

You want as many selfies as possible featuring your brand? You want the attention of young and old, small and big alike?

Walking Acts

You need more than the usual exhibition stand? You want as many selfies as possible showing your brand? You want the attention of young and old, small and big alike?

In this case we recommend our walking acts. If you wish, we can support you not only in finding the right promoter, but also in selecting and procuring a suitable costume.

Shuttle driver / chauffeur

You would like to leave a very special impression with your events and court your guests appropriately? We provide you with the matching shuttle drivers with or without vehicle.

Shuttle driver / chauffeur

You would like to leave a special impression on your guests and to court your guests appropriately? We provide shuttle drivers with or without a vehicle if required.

You can determine the requirements yourself. No matter if you need a luxury limousine for VIPs or a large-capacity shuttle to transport as many guests as possible quickly to your event or back home afterwards. We have the right solution for every need and every occasion, just contact us.



In addition to our personnel service, we also offer you the assembly and dismantling of exhibition stands or event furniture as well as the entire logistics for this.

We have standardized all processes for a budget-friendly way of working. For our internal processes as well as for assembly we rely on established system solutions that lead efficiently and effectively to success. This way we can maximize all advantages for you without limiting your creativity. With our system solution not only different straight, slanted or curved surfaces with textile prints or printed Dibond panels are possible, but also the seamless installation of animated LED surfaces.


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Fair construction

By using modern and innovative stand construction systems, we offer you the best of both worlds: The full flexibility of a conventional stand construction without having to do without eye-catchers such as LED walls, curved structures and much more.

Please also visit the highlights from our rental program: to Miet24



We support our customers completely: From the first idea to the handover of the broom-clean location afterwards. Or just for individual steps. According to your needs.

  • Location Scouting
  • Commissioning and management of service providers
  • Clarification of legal issues
  • Registration with municipalities and authorities
  • Creation and production of printed materials
  • Invitation management
  • On-Site Management

Our years of expertise in the field of trade fairs and events have provided us with the perfect tools for your success – see for yourself!



Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide variety of event formats in a wide range of industries for diverse target groups, we offer not only perfect execution but also creative and targeted concept development that takes into account your individual specifications as well as your budget and resources.

Whoever stops advertising to save money can equally stop his clock to save time.

– Henry Ford –



As an agency for live marketing, we support manufacturers, importers and dealers to reach the respective target group with great precision and without spreading losses. By addressing them directly and personally, we achieve a sustainable emotionalization and thus increase the value and awareness of your brand.

Together with you, we develop strategies and measures to achieve the set goals with an ideal budget. Through the charisma of an event, we activate new focus groups and ensure a noticeable increase in sales.


Your target group is spread all over Germany, the D-A-CH region or even Europe? A central event does not fully cover your communicative needs? We would be happy to work with you to develop a concept for a roadshow that will allow you to reach your target group wherever they are. We would also be happy to take care of everything else for you:

  • Location Scouting
  • Acquisition of strategic partnerships
  • Commissioning and management of service providers
  • Registration with municipalities and authorities
  • On-Site Management
  • Planning and implementation of logistics
  • Travel planning

And much more.


Whether you need support in the conceptual development of your customer event, your employee incentive or your trade fair appearance – we are at your side. Thanks to our many years of experience in a wide range of event formats in various industries for diverse target groups, we offer not only perfect execution but also creative and targeted concept development that takes into account your individual specifications as well as your budget and resources.

Convince yourself in a free consultation.

Live marketing lives from the moment, from the here and now: all the more important that your activities are communicated to the appropriate target groups in advance and that interested parties are informed. Thanks to our experienced consultants, we create individual marketing plans that include both online and offline communication measures: whether awareness, prospecting, lead generation or nurturing – we have the know-how to accompany your live marketing measures with communication activities and also to combine them in order to guarantee a sustainable communication effect.

After the event is before the sale! What would an event be without a targeted, data-driven evaluation? At least as important as a happy, surprised, picked-up guest is the “commercial follow-up” to translate the successful event into commercial success. We support you in process development, CRM management and the most important insights of your customer and guest structure to make future events as successful as possible.

And what’s going on with you? Keep your finger on the pulse by knowing what’s going on with your competitors, what the current trends are and what technical, emotional or digital innovations you can use to improve your presence. We take over the analysis and evaluation of other market participants for you, create reporting and recommendations for action, and ensure that you are always one step ahead.

In addition to our staffing service for trade fairs and events, we also offer the placement of marketing and management staff. Together with you, we analyze the necessary profile for the ideal recruitment of the vacant position. Upon request, we will formulate and place advertisements, design an application process, take over the selection of suitable applicants and place or lend you the right candidate.

It doesn’t matter if you only want to cover temporary peaks in demand or if you are looking for an employee for permanent employment in your company. Contact us, an initial consultation is always free of charge.

The right solution for every industry. We support manufacturers, importers and retailers to make their personal customer communication digitally available and to transform emotionless online sales channels into a real customer experience. The goal is a “humanization” of the digital online journey that leaves no customer questions unanswered and sustainably increases your sales and customer relationships by putting people and personal relationships at the center of digital communication. Whether car dealership, jeweler, bicycle store, broker or kitchen studio: the scalable solution from BARKER Solutions can be applied flexibly. Whether you want to advise your customers on your products and services, digitize your technical support, or train your customers on your products – we support you individually in the digitization of your communication channels.

To Barker Solutions

Management team


For clients

  1. After receiving your request, we will prepare an offer based on your information.
  2. If we are missing important information, we will contact you.
  3. After your approval of our offer, we will scout suitable employees and suggest them to you for selection.

Unfortunately, employee suggestions before approval are not possible.

As a rule, you will receive staff proposals AFTER our offer has been approved.

Since, in our experience, both the number and the requirements of the staff often change during the planning phase, we send the staff proposals approx. 4 to 2 weeks before the start of your event. Before that, it is often difficult even for our staff to estimate their own availability with certainty.

We have a large pool of very motivated and qualified employees throughout Germany who would be happy to work at your event. However, since our employees also have private commitments outside of the planned assignments and often earn their living with assignments of this kind in addition to their studies, we can only schedule them for your event after prior inquiry and in close coordination. Since we receive a large number of requests every day, which often do not lead to an assignment, we can only send availability requests to our employees once you have confirmed our offer of cooperation in writing.

First of all, we must point out that we are not allowed to give legal advice and that this can only be an overview of the general legal situation. We will be happy to advise you personally in your individual case or, if necessary, consult a specialist attorney for labor law.

Within the framework of a service contract, a head hostess or team leader must be booked due to the legal framework conditions. This person acts as a contact person to receive your instructions and pass them on to the rest of the team. You as the client are NOT DIRECTLY AUTHORIZED towards our employees within the framework of a service contract.

In the context of employee leasing, on the other hand, you are authorized to issue instructions to all employees and can issue work instructions directly without the detour via a team leader. This requires a more comprehensive contract with your original signature, which in turn requires a little more lead time due to postal delivery times.

Nevertheless, we recommend hiring a team leader for at least 5 people to support you with on-site coordination.

Then, of course, we provide a replacement immediately. We always plan with a backup team. So you can count on a full squad at all times.

For employees

Your details are transferred from the form directly into our booking system. After the data has been received, our team will check everything and contact you in case of questions or to make an appointment.

The data will not be passed on to third parties! We will only use it to make job suggestions as long as you want us to.

After reviewing your data, one of our project managers will contact you to arrange an interview. We would like to get to know you better so that we can better assess which job opportunities suit you. And of course you can also ask us questions.

Of course you can. Just inform us that you do not want any more job proposals and we will remove your data from our system.

There is a very wide range of jobs at trade fairs and events. We will only suggest jobs that match your preferences. The more detailed you fill out our intake form, the more precise our suggestions will be.

We will provide a more detailed briefing on the specific tasks for each assignment individually.

Basically, you can choose for which assignments you apply. Within the scope of these assignments, there are in turn various specifications by customers. There are assignments where a continuous availability is necessary. Often, however, a daily assignment is also possible. You will find more details in the briefing for the respective event.

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