Are the cancelled fairs really without alternative?

At the moment, the reports about the coronavirus COVID-19 are overflowing in all media. The trade fair and event industry is struggling with cancellations – some at short notice – of projects that have been planned for a long time and some of which are already in the implementation phase. Our European neighbours are reacting even more strongly in individual cases with a general ban on events with more than 1000 (Switzerland) or more than 5000 (France) visitors. The German government, through Jens Spahn, also issued a recommendation to cancel events with more than 1000 visitors in Germany. It remains open whether this recommendation will become a decree and thus the case of force majeure will occur. Also open at the moment is whether and to what extent there will be government aid packages for the affected companies. However, not only the service providers in the industry are affected. Importers, manufacturers and distributors are also already feeling the first effects or fearing losses in the financial year.

Fortunately, there are alternatives, at least for the loss of trade fair presences, to compensate for the lost presentation opportunities for existing customers and potential new customers, while eliminating the risks ascribed to trade fairs. These risks are mainly due to the different origins of the mostly numerous visitors with untraceable contact channels. Under these circumstances, the hygiene regulations – which are already recommendable under normal circumstances – are not sufficient to effectively combat the spread.

So how do you proceed in order to realise the important customer and image cultivation despite the fact that the trade fair is no longer held?

Depending on the nature of your product or service, there are several approaches that can be taken here, which should be precisely tailored to your needs and objectives. In general, concepts such as pop-up stores, targeted and selective customer events or roadshows at the customer’s location can also be implemented at short notice and with comparatively low (budgetary) expenditure. In view of the situation, a pompous staging is not necessarily necessary.

Often a well-prepared product presentation with little, but high-quality and above all appropriately selected accompanying material and exhibits is sufficient to anchor the advantages of one’s own products in the customer’s mind in the long term and thus promote sales. The contact from person to person, the trust in the other person and the quality of the relationship play a far more important role. As a specialist in event marketing, we are happy to contribute our collective expertise and work with you to develop a suitable measure to offset the loss of the trade fair. An initial consultation is always free of charge and without obligation.

We look forward to your contact.

The agency höchstmass presents itself at the KONEKT Rhein-Main.
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BARKER digital showroom

The agency höchstmass presents itself at the KONEKT Rhein-Main.