höchstmass lectured at the IMK

Since 2017, höchstmass has been in charge of the event marketing module at the IMK – the Institute for Marketing and Communication – in Wiesbaden.

höchstmass lectured at the IMK, The Institute for Marketing and Communication. At the Wiesbaden location, the two managing directors have been in charge of the “Event Marketing” module since December 2017. Mevlida Velagic and Michael Johannes introduced the basics and methods of event marketing to the prospective specialists in the field of “communication management”.

In 5 units of 180 minutes each, the group discussed all topics. From the creative to the legal aspects of events, everything was intensively examined. In order to make this possible, numerous practical examples from their own wealth of experience and from relevant literature were prepared in weeks of preparation.

In accordance with the topic, the lessons were emotionalising and put the focus on the contact from person to person. The time was interactive and varied. The two lecturers deliberately deviated from the usual frontal lecture. The lessons were designed to be interactive and practice-oriented, so that the students could more easily internalize the knowledge imparted.

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