As the agency höchstmass, we have used the time of perceived downtime in the event marketing industry to launch our new product “BARKER”. Together with specialized partners such as the Agentur Mehrwert, we have succeeded in digitizing the stationary specialized trade and transforming it into a digital showroom. This makes it possible to provide an unknown quality of online consulting for retailers and corporate customers alike.


BARKER offers the greatest flexibility in the concrete design of your specific solution. We consider all aspects that are necessary for a successful online consulting. In doing so, we always work budget-optimized to be able to make an ideal offer. Through our 365° service approach, we offer not only the highest possible image and sound quality, but also the greatest possible future-proofing through simple options for implementing modern technologies to capture emerging trends. Our modularity allows our product to be constantly expanded and developed. This keeps your finger on the pulse and the customer’s interest in your products and services.

The quality of customer contact during a BARKER consultation is in no way inferior to a real life encounter. The customer learns about the advantages relevant to him on a personal level and the provider can advise even complex products and services in a comprehensive and targeted manner. No matter when and where the customer is.

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Data security is a major concern for us at BARKER. Therefore, all servers are located within the EU and meet all requirements according to DSGVO and GDPR.

For callers BARKER is always anonymous, without registration. The customer enters your online showroom just like your store, without leaving any permanent traces. Unless he wants to share his data with you. When making an appointment for an online consultation, any data can be collected and transferred to your CRM system. Contact us for a consultation regarding a DSGVO compliant order data processing agreement.

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Our BARKER Stream, your digital showroom, is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Advise your customers where and when they want. Make your sales independent of store opening hours and locations and tap into further sales potential. BARKER offers you the ideal platform to increase your sales.

BARKER has no entry barriers such as app installation or account setup. Just like a phone call for you and the customer, you can accept and process incoming calls. Your customer has the choice between an ad-hoc call or an appointment. Both solutions complement each other perfectly in combination.

Whether in your own call center, as a retrofit to your existing solution, outsourced to our service center, as an individually customized and preconfigured package to equip your existing retail store or as a professional streaming studio in your or our location. BARKER can be used and scaled flexibly.

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Our modular approach at BARKER makes it possible for us to adapt very individually to the demands and budgets of our customers. Our flexibility in integrating a wide variety of hardware makes it possible to use a wide range of differently professional equipment and thus to fully meet the demands of our customers.

This makes it possible to obtain a very high quality solution even on a small budget. With our additional, optional services and the possibility of upgrades and retrofits, you get exactly the performance(s) you want and don’t pay more than you need.

But even for intensive users like our industrial customers, we offer a solution optimized for reliability, maximum operational availability and budget efficiency. Our smart approach means that customers all over the world can be advised in their local language, allowing the potential of online consulting to be exploited to the full. A 24-hour continuous operation for the worldwide distribution of your products or services via BARKER ensures a fast amortization of your investment and therefore a quick overrun of the ROI and short-term transition into the profit phase.

However, our flexibility guarantee applies to all customers. Upon request, all packages are bookable with terms starting from 1 month. Or take advantage of the runtime offers by calculative security, favorable rates and our extensive service like the 24 hours express exchange of defective hardware.

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With BARKER you get the solution that ideally meets your needs. You have the choice between attractive complete rental packages of hardware and software that are tailored to your products and requirements or a combination of suitable hardware for purchase and SaaS, Software as a Service solution. We flexibly adapt to your needs and budget.

BARKER also offers suitable assistance with on-site setup and commissioning, if required. Our possible services include the development and design of a landing page or the integration into your existing website or online store, the design of ads, the production of content for social media campaigns, as well as the training of your sales staff by experienced trainers, for a perfect appearance also in front of the camera. In addition to our packages, we offer numerous additional services to make your BARKER stream a success. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you. An initial consultation with an assessment is always free of charge.

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Are you or is your business affected by Corona closures? Check your claims for funding (germany only) for the implementation of BARKER in your distribution. First information can be found at the following link, also at item 4 of the list “what’s new”:



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Are the cancelled fairs really without alternative?
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Digitization at the agency

Are the cancelled fairs really without alternative?

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